Filemaker Dashboard Summing Records by Year

Discussion created by haggart on Jan 28, 2016
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Hi all,


I've spent a great deal of time trying to figure this out on my own, but am spinning in circles.  My FM is for lab spending for about 30 researchers with 3 research grants.  The dashboard idea is appealing because it is real time and when my boss taps me on the shoulder and asks "how's the budget"  it's easy to show.  We don't need to print out reports.


I based my database on the really helpful demo video and download file from FM Academy.   I've spent many hours listening to the demo and have a fairly clear understanding of how the database was set up.  My own database is working perfectly EXCEPT for one thing.  I want to sum the individual researcher spending for the year.  What I get is a list of researchers with spending for all time.   I went back and checked the FM Academy demo file and it does the same thing!  In the demo video, Sameer Khan, mentions that the customer data is for the year, but it actually isn't.  It's for all time.  The good news is that I'm good at following instructions, the bad news is I'm not sure what to do next!  I've spent several days Google-ing, Lynda-ing and I'm stumped.  So what am I missing?  I'm including screen shots of my set-up vs the FMA set up.


FMA set up and my (Mallory) set up are attached. 


Help!  Please stop my wailing!  And thanks in advance.