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Inserting data into a URL

Question asked by AlexMauer on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by schamblee

Hello, I am using a large management database system in my department. It is web-based and produces url for all its search / report results.


A part of this system is an inventory of space (rooms etc.) I have sever reports That I look at based on that room number. The tools in this larger system are limited for the typer of in-field work I do. so I built a FM solution that uses the data from that system to allow me a custom tool fo the field.


I want to click on a button that wil link to the reports I have written. These reports are keyed off the room #. The url contains all the search criteria. I would like to create 1 open URL script that will insert the room number from the database into the url at the specific place it is looking for it. Then I will apply it to the button on the layout and as I go through this database, record by record, the link on the button will adjust to the current room number on the record.


Contained in this link are all the search critera for the report I am looking to generate. The only thing that changes record by record is the room number. I would like to insert a script that would look at the room number on the current record and insert that room number into the area where the red room number is : NUMBER&able.column.operator=CONTAINS&able.column.sortOrder=4&able.column.sortOrder=5&able.columnoperator=CONTAINS


So that it looks like this

Then this will run and show the results I want.

When I scroll to the next record whic is room# 09b-014 the link to the url will adjust to this new number.

Is this possible?

I am trying to avoid generating 7K links and editing 7K links on 7k records.

Thanks in advance