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Is there a way to link directly to a specific record in web direct or Custom Web management?

Question asked by AlexMauer on Jan 29, 2016
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I am building an in-field resource and surveying tool to manage a space (rooms, etc) inventory


From my web page, I want to link directly to a "room" record and serve it via web direct off of a FileMaker 13 server. Is there a way to link directly to that page/record?




At the room, I plan to make barcodes and barcode the door, So that when you are at the door, you can scan the barcode and the room record for that room will come up. <--- this solution I may do with filemaker go, but want the option to have it come through web direct as well. So my thought is that the barcode would be a direct url link to the room record in FM pro.


Is this possible? If so what do I do to make it work?


Thanks in advance