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    Thai Language Support


      So I ran across an address that I need to be in the database in Thai. There seems to be no support for Thai and data entry. I ran across an issue report from 2010 and it seems this issue has been overlooked. Anyone have a way to get this to work. This is should not be that difficult.


      Thai Language Support

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          The issue was brought up again last year: https://community.filemaker.com/message/184200#184200.

          Thai is part of a larger group of languages who's Unicode character sets cannot be properly put on display.

          This hurts if a language-specific UI is required, outside of the supported range of languages, as the larger part of spoken languages is unsupported.

          Is: Text fields and text objects and labels on solution layouts

          Is not:  Language support for FM's own built-in GUI.

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            I unfortunately don't speak Thai, but I had done some proof-of-concept testing when I saw earlier discussions of this problem, and I think it MAY be possible to use keystroke script triggers (e.g. OnLayoutObjectKeystroke) as a workaround, pending a real fix in FileMaker. it's obviously not an ideal solution, and my version probably doesn't cover all cases, but somebody who know both Thai and FileMaker can probably improve on this.


            # Proof of concept for scripted handling of combined unicode character entry not accepted through normal keyboard entry

            # Designed to address issues with entering Thai characters



            Set Error Capture [ On ]

            Allow User Abort [ Off ]


            Set Variable [ $TriggerKeystroke ; Value: Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ]



            Set Variable [ $TriggerModifierKeys ; Value: Get ( TriggerModifierKeys ) ]


            If [ $TriggerModifierKeys > 0 ]

              # Add to global variable to use as accent

              Set Variable [ $$Accent ; Value: Code ( $TriggerKeystroke ) ]


              Set Variable [ $CharacterCode ; Value: Case ( $$Accent ≠ ""; $$Accent & "0" ) & Code ( $TriggerKeystroke ) ]


              Set Variable [ $Character ; Value: Char ( $CharacterCode ) ]


              Set Variable [ $$Accent ]


            End If


            If [ $Character ≠ "" ]

              Set Field [ Thai::ThaiText ; Thai::ThaiText  &  $Character ]

            End If


            Exit Script [ Result: False ]