Update another table on exit

Discussion created by disabled_FeGe on Jan 28, 2016
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I'm working on an application that contains two main tables: a Membership Registration table and a Cashier table. The Membership one is used for the creation of new members; the Cashier one registers all incoming payments, not only for the membership fees. The Cashier table uses a conditional value list containing all the possible items to be collected. Each Sale Ticket in the Cashier table might contain 1, 2 or more items entered in a portal. I need, specifically, for the membership item in the value list, to have the membership fee information collected upon payment be copied back to the Membership Registration table - this includes, fee amount, date of payment, payment form, etc. As the membership fee payment is usually not the only item paid, my issue is how to extract data ONLY from the membership payment item in the portal (from the conditional value list). It works as long as this item is the only one entered in the portal.