FM Annoyance #1: Can't quit stalled search

Discussion created by bpanhuyzen on Jan 28, 2016
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I love FileMaker, but man, there are some real annoyances you have to put up with, even here in version 14. I'm going to post some of these as they happen, see if others are afflicted by them, find out if there's anything I can do to avoid, rectify, or workaround them, and maybe pressure FileMaker Inc. into fixing them, many of which have persisted since the early days.


(These are serially numbered, not ordered for priority.)


So I'm working on a local solution for a client, and another client calls and asks me to fix something small on their hosted version. I log in, click a link, but it takes me to a layout that triggers a find. It's taking longer than I like (I should've switched to layout mode and navigated to the spot, but hey, we aren't always so clever, especially when the normal navigation should just work), so I cancel the find. Guess what? Forty minutes later I'm still staring at this screen:



The blue bar is showing motion, so FM is still alive, but nothing appears to be happening. So what are my options here? Force quit (and potentially damage the local solution I'm working on) or wait it out – without knowing if this will ever end. I'd hate to lose hours of work if it corrupts the local solution, so I wait. And 52 minutes later, FileMaker completes whatever it was doing.

This could (and does) happen to users – remember, I was just navigating to the spot like any other user when this happened. My (kinda rhetorical, but not really) question is – what kind of modern software allows something like this to happen? Every time it happens to a user, I look bad, and FileMaker looks bad. Is there really no way for FM to gracefully interrupt this kind of search? Is this something that FM Inc. is aware of, but cannot fix, or doesn't fix?

Chime in if you've seen it, or if you can provide any insights or ideas.