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    major webviewer issue after updating FMP14 server to 14.0.4.a


      Hi Folks,


      Has anyone else noticed that after upgrading FMP14 server to 14.0.4a that the webviewer no longer displays it's content when accessed by web direct?


      All of my databases that contain simple web viewers with direct URLs no longer display content - in looking at the source code in Safari, it appears that they are being blocked by FMP.  Even apple.com is being blocked.   So I transferred my db to a FMP server that is still using 14.0.4 and it works perfect.


      Is this a settings issue or does a patch need to be released asap?





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          I was unable to reproduce this behavior with http://www.apple.com/ in a WebViewer of WebDirect or FileMaker Pro 14.0.4 hosted by FileMaker Server 14.0.4 or 14.0.4a on Safari or Chrome browsers.


          - What happens when you put http://www.apple.com/ in a new WebViewer of a New File?

          - What Operating System is FileMaker Server 14 installed on?

          - Do you have any further instructions to reproduce?



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            Hi TSPigeon,


            I have the database hosted by two parties, one with Filemaker hosting Pros whose servers use 14.0.4a where my problem exists.  The other is datatrium whose servers use 14.0.4 where everything works just fine.


            I've had the folks at Filemaker Hosting Pros working on this with me for over 12 hours and they too cannot understand why this is happening.  I have two other databases being served by them and all suffer the same problem.


            It appears however that some https sites are allowed to appear while others do not and no http sites appear.  When looking at the source of the webpage being generated, the error message indicates that the URL is being blocked.  Please keep in mind that neither I or the folks at Filemaker Hosting Pros nor my software designer in London can access http sites via webdirect using a webviewer.


            To see this yourself, please go to : https://n461.fmphost.com/fmi/webd#keyvent and touch the 'Test' text at the top, you'll be brought to an https website that appears to be working.   Once there change the URL content to see what will and will not work, try http://www.apple.com , it will fail as will any other http site.


            Next go to datatriums version http://47.datatrium.com/fmi/webd#keyvent , select the 'test' text at the top and notice the http URL works fine - they are using 14.0.4.


            I have developed many IOS and Android apps using FMP12 and FMP14 with 10s of thousands of end users all over the world - these databases are currently being downloaded on the stores and have been for over a year, it's just now that they no longer work to serve http addresses which most of my clients use, so if this problem relates to SSL then it needs to be corrected so that http can also be displayed.






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              Thank you for your patience!


              It seems your issue is being cause by mixed content in Safari 9. Google Chrome should have a lock in the top left where you can override to use Mixed Contect. But, Web viewer cannot display insecure http content if the WebDirect page is https in Safari 9 due to limiting the use of mixed content. This would explain why the issue isn't occurring when SSL is disabled. A report has been submitted to Testing and Development with this information. Once I receive further information, I will post here.


              A somewhat technical explanation of this can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205265


              You might also search online for "safari 9 mixed content" and read through various discussions about it.



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