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How to lookup in a large reference-table (2)

Question asked by tkemmere on Jan 29, 2016
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Dear all,


(I posted this question before, but recieved no answer, so I'll try to pose my question more compact and to the point).


I would like to set up something I didn't set up before in a database. I'm working in a Table A, in which for a certain record a value needs to be looked up in another table (Table B). The lookup needs to be done, based on 4 parameters.


Table A has several fields:

  • ID
  • Content 1
  • Content 2
  • Parameter 1
  • Parameter 2
  • Parameter 3
  • Parameter 4
  • "Outcome field 1", calculated by looking up, a value in Table B, using the 4 different parameters.

...and some records.


Table B has 6 fields:

  • ID
  • Parameter 1
  • Parameter 2
  • Parameter 3
  • Parameter 4
  • The value to be looked up.

...and 600 records.


So there are 600 different values, depending on the combination of parameters.


My questions are:

  • How do I link these two tables to one-another?
    • Should I put 4 relations between each of the parameters?
    • Should I use an intermediate table? But then, wouldn't every lookup bloat that table with 600 new records?


Maybe I shouldn't use the term 'lookup' cause that is also a command, and I might be best off with find record ().


In any case I'll be sorting my tables now, and allign the parameters and I'm going apply trial and error, see whether I'm on the right track.


Is any one available to assist? Many thanks in advance.


Regards, Thomas.