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    Export field contents



      I have some app (exe - console application) that I saved in a container field.
      This console application is like a somekind of a plugin and performs some tasks...


      When I export the contents with a script step Export field contents to a temporary path,
      this exe will not run, despite the options to open it automatically.


      I made something similar before and it worked. During that time we upgraded our operating system to Windows 10.


      Does anyone have similar problems, experience?
      Could the problem be maybe in the incompatibility between Filemaker and OS / Windows 10?
      Or could there be some other concerns?

      If I copy the file to some folder manually and double click on it, it works fine    :O


      Please share your opinion.



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          My first thought is that it's microsoft's security settings that have changed as to not allow unattended app launches.


          However you should be able to use a Send Event script step immediately after Export Field Contents that launches the .exe from the place you saved it.

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            Thanks Mike,


            It looks like Microsoft changed some security settings.
            It seems like I ll have to take the second path and run the app with script step "send event".


            I think the export from the field in FM can be problematic because Windows sees that exe file like a thread...

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              Hi Mike,
              do you have any experience with next script step:
              Insert File [<dialog options>;<table::field>;”<filename>”;]


              I have a little problems finding out, which path is local and which is remote.
              I run a script with a variable like that file is local, but it didnt work.
              I am using FM Pro Advanced on my PC...


              If I am working with a solution hosted on a server (outside our house) is that probably remote (or am I wrong)?


              Does that script step only works inside LAN (Local area network)?

              I must be doing something  wrong, because it is not working.


              Please help!

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                The path is used on the place script running, so it depends on where do you run the script. PSOS or scheduled? If no, your file should be accessible from client PC, not server hosting. And path is local if the file is in the local file system.