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if you update fm 11 adv to fm 12 adv can you reverse it and still save the data?

Question asked by norman926 on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by fxdb

i had a database with 300 patients info in it on fm pro Adv 11.1, and updated it to fm 12.. (fm 11 has the  fp.7 and fm 12 has fpmur or something like that) but as soon as i tried to open it in 12, it wouldn't open at all. Can i reverse it and go back to FM 11.1? where it worked and opened.?


If not is there a way to salvage the data on the now fm12 program?? this is vital as it contains patients medications and medical problems... Norman  RSVP please .. or if you can or thnk yo ucan open it let me know and i will send you the program for your fee of course.. Norman