Exclude a value in a summary field (report)

Discussion created by GeoffreyMartin on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by justinc

I have a survey database that is set up much like the ones that have been floating around the forums and such.  The responses are all kept in a table and relate to the questions and customers.  I've built a report to tally the responses.  I am now being asked to exclude a certain response from the sub-summary in the report.  Is this possible?


Here's how the report is set up:


The count_result field is the same field in both parts.  In the second sub summary I need to exclude any result "Does not apply". I would like to show the total responses as it is, and then possibly use another calculation to make the percentages reflect the corrected total responses. The field under the percentages is using GetLayoutObjectAttribute () to get the value in it's own row and the total in the subsummary below it to calculate the percentage. The report looks like this:


I'm stuck right now.  Any ideas?  Here's the kicker, of the 14 questions, there's only 5 that have that "Does not apply" response available so I can't do something universally.


Thanks in advance.