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Web Direct - Outlook - Send Mail Script Compatibility

Question asked by Suresh on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Suresh

Hi All,


I prepared a layout in FMP13A which has test validation request model & it was fully automated.


It contains some more no. of fields and finally I used 'sent mail' script for raise that test request in a button.


While i click that 'make request' button(send mail script), automatically outlook New Mail will open and automatically required field values will fill in proper alignment with recipients to, cc & sign.


Here we have limited license, so I'm the only person will raise the test request from my system.


If in IWP/CWP has compatibility from Browser means i will give access for all engineers & make the request from their system itself.


And this 'Send Mail' Script was compatible for Outlook in FileMaker Pro only.

Its not compatible for IWP/CWP, right.


So the newer version FileMaker Server 14's Web Direct has that Outlook compatibility for Web Direct - Send Mail Script?

That Send Mail script will work on FMS14 Web Direct?


- Suresh