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    Conditional Formating


      Hi All

      I would like to have the text change colour in a button on a layout (conditional Formatting) when a related record field (in a portal) has certain data in it.


      I need to have a visual reference on the layout if certain data is in the related record


      Hope this makes sense





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          All you need to do is add a 'Formula is' condition to the button, which is set to check your related record data and return a result of true (1), in the case where the text colour should change.


          For example, from the context of a Contact record, you could check the related contact_Address table to see if they are UK based like so.


          contact_Address::country = "United Kingdom"


          This will return 1 if true, and so any conditional formatting that you selected will be applied, or 0 if false.


          Hope that helps,