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Email multiple email attachments using Applescript

Question asked by steveoh on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by TimAcri

Hi again!


So I'm trying to create a javascript to send multiple attachments (maximum of 7 attachments) using javascript.  I've done some investigations and have found some posted similar discussions, but when attempting the same on my solution I end up with 'Object not found' and "Unknown Error - 1728" errors.


Basically I have the attachments exported to the desktop as simply a number (i.e. 1.pdf, 2.pdf, ... 7.pdf).  These are added with a loop to zTemp on separate lines with a full desktop path with "file:../" & $counter (which works fine).


The issue lies somewhere in my applescript, which I pieced together from other similar discussions, my Applescript is:


-- tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

       set theSubject to cell "_Core::Template_Subject" of current table

       set theMessage to cell "_Core::Template_Body" of current table

       set theRecipient to cell "_Core::Template_Recipients" of current record

       set theAttachments to cell "_Core::zTemp" of current record

       -- return-separated Mac:file paths

-- end tell


set attachmentList to {}

repeat with i in paragraphs of theAttachments

       set theAttachment to i

       set aliasAttachment to theAttachment as alias

       set attachmentList to attachmentList & aliasAttachment

end repeat


set theMessage to theMessage & return & return

     -- otherwise it jams it up against the text


tell application "Mail"


       set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:theSubject, content:theMessage}

       tell newMessage

       make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:theRecipient}

       tell content

       repeat with i in attachmentList

            make new attachment with properties {file name:i} at after the last paragraph

       end repeat

  end tell


  save newMessage

       -- send newMessage

       -- switch the commenting on the above 2 lines to send immediately

  end tell

end tell


Any help would be really appreciated!  I've labored over this for a while and need a fresh perspective!  Worth noting is that I'm a novice with applescript, in case my posting of it here wasn't ample evidence of that.