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Calculation which determines if current date falls in between two dates

Question asked by Julie284 on Jan 29, 2016
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I am hoping to find some help with a calculation. I am trying to set up an Auto-enter field, based on a calculation. I have a database of Contracts, which all have a start date and end date. The agreement is 'active' if the start date is in the past and the end date is in the future. What I am trying to do with my calculation is to return an auto-enter for a field called 'Active', and it should return the text Yes or No.


So basically, if Start Date is in the past and the End Date is in the future, then the contract is Active, and should return Yes. I am trying to achieve this with an If-calculation, but I can't figure out how. I thought of something like this, but cannot get it to work:


If(StartDate  ≤ Get(CurrentDate) and EndDate  ≥  Get(CurrentDate))  ; "Yes" ; "No"


Any suggestions?