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Newbie successfully transferred one Bento database ( another 6 to go) but...

Question asked by peterlemer on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by peterlemer

Ths new Solution won't let me in without my username and password.


The challenge defaults to my computer admin username, but won't recognise that PW.

*( My admin user and PW are correct, I triple-checked)


I don't recall setting a Usernams or PW for this solution, other solutions open OK without a challenge.

I've tried all my usual passwords, too. For this to be a unique PW would mean that I sat down and thought about it.

But I have no need to set security at this time, it just doesn;t make sense.


Is it possible theres a bug?


Or did I inadertently set security specs, and if so, how is this possible to do accidentally?


I'd hate to spend the time importing my bigger libraries from Bento only to find myself locked out.


I've checked FInder file access settings, and even repaired Permissions, but I'm still locked out.


any solutions?