constrained find and buttons

Discussion created by AlexMauer on Feb 1, 2016
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I have a space data base that has 10k records in it. I want to be able to create a constrained find that returns the room type code so I can see all rooms of a specific type (classrooms, offices, etc)


that is easy enough to do. But to make it easier on my users, I have created a set of buttons for the most commonly searched room types (mechanical, classroom, conference rooms etc.) so I have 10 buttons set up to do the constrain based on the room type code. The problem is that once I click one of the buttons, My record set is now constrained down to just that type of room. Any other button click will result in an error.


How can I set it so that the next room type button I click returns the room records back to the original full state.


entire record set is active, or unsorted. I click the classroom button and it returns 450 results. if I click on offices, I get an error. because there are no offices in the classroom set. I want to put something in the scripting of the button to set it back to the original find and then start the office constrain. If the user starts off by doing a find for all rooms in a particular building and then clicks the classroom button, the constrain wills show all classrooms in that building. again if I click the office button, It will show an error. I want the button to go to the previous this case, the building set and start the office search - the results bing all offices in the selected building set.


Can anyone assist me in doing this?