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constrained finds and buttons and the state of the previous find.

Question asked by AlexMauer on Jan 30, 2016



I am attempting to add a series of buttons that allow the user to further drill into a data set of space (rooms etc) inventory.


The tool shows the current inventory , what the room use is and which department occupies it. the buttons are classified as room type buttons. the constrained search will look through the data and find all classrooms, offices, utility rooms etc. - there are 7 buttons representing our most searched rooms classifications. I have it set up so that in an unsorted search will bring out all the records that match the search criteria. but if I then click on the next button to see how many rooms meet the next classification, I get no results because the first button has constrained the the records down to only its results. The second button is only effectively searching through the results of the find on the first button. 


To further complicate it, I have 28 buildings that are a part of this inventory. If the user does an initial find on the building number,  and narrows the results down to the 300 rooms in a particular building, the first button search for Utility space will narrow the results further to 9 spaces. when the next button search for offices is pressed, there will be no results.


I am trying to figure out a way to return the result set back to the original state of the find when the next button is clicked. So if the user  is displaying all records (no find) and clicks the first button - Utility space, the results will show 400 utility rooms from the set of all rooms from all buildings.  when the next button is clicked - offices, the record set returns to all records and performs the search finding all offices afrom the entire set.


If the user has started his/her research off first by narrowing down the record set to a particular building that has 300 rooms in it and clicks the first button for utility space, he/she will constrain that set down to 10. when the user then goes on to click the second button for offices, the record set should return to the 300 rooms and search through that, returning 150 results.


I have been researching recent finds and am trying to figure out how to reset the result set to what ever the previous search was. Ideally, I think it should be some sort of "on click" function on the button that it first reruns the previous search and then executes its constrained find based on the room classification. It appears that the constrained finds on the button does not save to the recent find list. So when I narrow down to the building, that is the the most recent recent find. Perhaps I set the record set back to all and then run the the last find and the constrain.


Does anyone know how to do this sort of thing? I'm sort of a beginner.