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    Go 14 crashes iPad Mini


      Product and version Filemaker Go 14

      OS and version: iOS 9.2.1

      Hardware: iPad Mini (MD537LL)

      Description: Full app crash to home screen when attempting navigation in hosted solution

      How to replicate:

      Workaround: Roll back to Go 13 resolves issue with this particular solution.

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          Thank you for your post.


          What kind of navigation are you performing on the solution?


          If you move the solution to the iPad, do you also encounter the crash?


          Does the crash occur when you are on a specific layout?  Or, are you trying to navigate to a particular layout?  If one of these applies, what objects are present on the offending layout?


          Any other information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible cause.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Benjamin Fehr

            is this 16GB, 32GB OR 64GB iPad mini version?

            There's been some issues with low memory reported by mschneider

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              Markus Schneider

              'disk' doesn't matter, Memory matters )-:

              the first generation had 512MB, the second generation 1GB. iPad Air2 should be somewhat better, 2GB. Although, memory is a problem with FMGo14 - and older iPads are really bs (bl.... slow) when using FMGo14

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                Benjamin Fehr

                Call me a lucky bastard.

                to add this to our knowledge base: Running iPad mini, first generation, 16GB, Model A1432. I never had any issue


                … and you know what I mean by knowledge base:

                Bug Report inventory AND Bug fix protocol by FMI

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                  It's a simple go to layout command. If it gets past the first go to layout, it crashes on a go to related record on the subsequent layout.


                  The solution uses the data separation model and has no issues on other devices (that we have) UNDER Go 14. It also works fine on this device running under Go 13.


                  The crash occurs when going from a simple layout containing just buttons to another that has portals. On the rare occasion it makes it to the layout with portals, it crashes on the very next got to related record step.


                  It's my feeling it's a memory issue with 14 and this old device, as mentioned above. I was reporting it more as an FYI that looking for a solution, as I suspect the solution is a better device.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    what version of Go14? We've had similar problems - even with iPad Air2. On earlier versions of Go, a scriptpause helped (just half a second) a bit, crashes were really less often

                    IMHO the latest 2 versions of Go solved that - no more crashes (on Air2)

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                      Benjamin Fehr

                      The so called FMP "Voodoo Toolbox": Pause (0,2sec.), commit, refresh, and a dead chicken buried in your backyard.

                      If it's memory related, "commit" would be my best recommendation.

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                        Markus Schneider

                        IMHO it happens when a quite complex layout is rendered, commit did not change anything. But as said: After the last 2 patches, FMGo14 runs, no more crashes here


                        since the original poster is working on a hosted solution, it could be a combo of speed issue and rendering (memory) issue. Since it worked well under FM11: FM13/14 will be more sensitive to network IMHO and (at least on Windows) FM will take much more memory )-:


                        here, only complain is speed. FMGo on iOS is that slow that I don't think that anybody enjoys running -all day- a quite complex FM App on iOS. With FMGo13 under iOS8, it was smooth, on desktop absolutely smooth, fast. It became that worse that we even checked out Windows tablets.. a 'quite complex' app means about 10 PopOvers and some hidden elements. Structure is quite simple, about 7K records, only local on the iPad. Popover will have portals, main view not.


                        Voodoo: Depending on some (unknown, hidden..) activities, the Air2 sometimes is really fast enough, then slow again. seems to be dependent on how many and what other apps are running, system processes, etc. Then, browsing from record to record will bring the 'spinning wheel'.


                        with iPad4 and older, it's too slow for real work. Other app's are running quite smooth


                        when iPad Air3 becomes available, we'll get those devices - maybe for the very last time... Maintaining a FMGo app is very time-consuming, means waaay too expensive - and with every new OS it will start over.. 'industrial' speeking: Get an iOS device and a FMGo app - and freeze that, no iOS updates, no FMGo updates (major ones..)


                        as I prepared my Go app's for my presentation for the FMK2015, I created some keynote sheets with FM methods that slowed down the iPhone 5s. Then, before the conference, I bought a 6s - that beast is that _fast_ that I had to change my presentation... So, iPad Air3 could solve those speed issues

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                          Benjamin Fehr

                          I take note that in most of this cases, Portals were involved.

                          With network, latency (Ping) could be more crucial than up-/download performance.

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                            I see Pro/Advanced 14.0.5 release notes say, "Addressed an issue where switching to a layout containing a sorted portal closed the application." Sounds familiar, though I haven't seen it except on FMGo 14.0.4 on a mini. Can we expect 14.0.5 for iOS soon, too? (Please!)