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Portal - Adding multiple images

Question asked by MattS on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by davidhead

I am setting up a database with contacts (FMpro13). For each contact I need to be able to insert 1 to 50 images.

Basically I have a file with 2 tables.

Table 1 is Contacts with 2 fields (Name and a unique ID field)

Table 2 is ContactPhotos with 2 fields (a Container field for the Photo and a ID field)

I have set up a relation between table 1 and table 2 through the ID fields.

In the layout of table 1 I have a portal showing all image related to this contact.


Now my first question is if  there is a way I can import 50 images at once to a contact? Preferably by dragging.

For the moment I can only add them one by one.


Second question is if it would be better store the photos in a separate filemaker file.


Thanks for any help because I am quite ne to FM