FM 14 Adv Portal Row quandry

Discussion created by synergy46 on Jan 30, 2016
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I have a Membership application.  The main layout (based on Members) also has a MembersPortal (Members Table) 'navigation' portal showing member names on the left.  (X)

There is a portal filter that shows the portal names according to the Navigation values in :  Active/Inactive and/or Members/Candidates/Other.

This works well.


The 'Active/Inactive' fields and the Member/Candidate/Other fields  at the top for example run a script that finds  the membership table according to it's selection.  This works.


The problem is that this script, after the FIND, it  sends the Portal Record to the top. 



So, I wrote this script:



The problem with this script is that as I  step through it, it locates the $$KP but isn't able to set the focus on that record?

(The initial portal choice was Voss, Scott.  The Find/Sort command sent the record pointer to the top (Crocket,David B) then the Loop script located Voss but couldn't 'set' the record to be highlighted; as if I had clicked it.




Commit Record doesn't do it.  How do I put the record pointer on the indicated record when I fall out of the loop?

Notice how Voss is 'selected' but the Find put the record pointer of Crocket.... grrrrr... Ideas?  thanks