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Restoring values in exported repeating field

Question asked by MacDevGuy on Jan 30, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by MacDevGuy

I exported records from an old Contact database which has been housed in Filemaker 12 to the Excel format. I got the alert message that only the first value in repeating fields would be exported. I have never had this pop up before. The data set was small so I figured I would proceed because the export was for someone else to use to make address labels and they wouldn't care about the categories. I didn't fully realize that I would be missing categories and that when re-imported the data, it would more difficult to handle as I was also merging data from two other databases, planning to remove duplicates after import.


One of the issues is that the categories field contained about 20 items that had check boxes which included things like "Xmas card", "Business", and "Personal" so when they were exported the additional repeating fields were lost.


So to get the additional missing values from the field called "Category" here's what I think I need to do. Can someone confirm that I am going about it in the right way before I proceed?


I surmise I need to create a join table with the following fields:
Foreign Key (tied to primary of contact)
Record number/Primary Key

NameFirst (portal)
NameLast (portal)
Category (Repeating field, maybe portal?)

Additional Fields I can use to peruse the records and make sure duplicates truly are duplicates. (also part of the contact portal)
DB_Source (this will be used to mark each record with a letter or "X" to designate it as a re-imported contact so after I sort and move the missing values back into the correct records, I can do another find for the value and delete only the records with an "X")


While reading the documentation I note two options, Update Existing and Update Matching:


So I started to wonder if Filemaker could actually do the work for me and update the specific records with the correct categories that matched or would I still need to go in and do some manual editing?


I will still need to create the join table because it's necessary going forward but I would like to save myself some manual fixing if possible.


I realize there are probably many ways to do this. Some even involving scripts. So if I am going about this wrong or you have a better idea I am open to suggestions.


Another twist is that I just got Filemaker 14 and want to update the current database into the new version.


Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.