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    Copy part of a field to another field




      I need to copy part of a field to another field.  For example, the field where I am going to copy from has the content "SAN PABLO CITY 4000."  I only want to copy "4000."  Other contents of the field where I am copying from has similar pattern such as "STA ROSA 4023", "NAGA 5400", etc.  I just need to copy the number in that field and paste it in another field.  So the one to be the pasted is the number only.


      Appreciate any help.

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          There are a few ways you could do this. You need a calculation and then a method to trigger it.


          For the calculation you might use:

          1. If you know the number you want is always the last 'word' in the field, you can use: 

                         RightWords ( SourceField ; 1 )

          2. If you know the number will always be a number, the only number, and not start with zero, you can use:

                         GetAsNumber ( SourceField )


          For the trigger, you could use:

          1. A button that runs a single step: Set Field [ TargetField; calculation ]

          2. Auto-enter calculation on the target field which has "Do not replace existing value" unchecked

          3. A script trigger on the source field if data is manually entered


          There may also be other ways. Would one of these work for you?