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Guessing Game

Question asked by jbell2355 on Feb 1, 2016
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I have a simple guessing game app I would like to create.   This app will be used by someone working to match names with faces.  It will look something like the following:


Database Structure: ID, First Name, Last Name, Picture Container Field.  It will include standard utility fields along with a field utilizing the RANDOM Function to allow the sort to be varied. 


The flow of what I would like is the following:


Mock up.PNG


The user will look at the picture and click on the corresponding button with the correct name.  If the person selects the correct name it will congratulate the user and move to the next record.  If it is incorrect they would receive a Custom Dialog informing them their choice was incorrect. 


My thoughts so far are along these lines, but if there is a sample solution or other post please direct it to me.  I am not particular on how the mechanics, but these are my thoughts so far:


Using the random function have every record have an integer ranging from 1-3.  Utilize this integer to know which button to populate the correct response button.  The other two would be selected at random from the remaining values in the database.  I just have not been able to wrap my head around how to make it come together. 


Your responses and help is greatly appreciated. 


FYI, I currently develop in FMP 13 Advanced.