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Creating Date Range Relationships

Question asked by mgostovich on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Fahri Akar

History: I use a very large database that I created to manage an inpatient treatment center. I have a one client to many admissions relationship as the primary core. Every month I have to report to billing the clients who received services within that month. For years I have been using a calculation on both sides of a relationship to create a set of date ranges. On the admissions side, it takes the admit date and a field that is either the discharge date if one is present, or the admit date + 60 days if not. On the reporting side, I input the start and end dates for the report and it uses those.


Problem: The database crashed a few months ago and I had to go back to a much earlier version and rebuild some of the functionality that I had built into it. Since then, the relationship doesn't work correctly. instead of just the people that received services within those date ranges, I get everyone since I started reentering data in October 2015.


Has anyone out there worked with this and have a good solution to make this work? I am open to starting over from scratch if I can make it work, I am just frustrated every month with having to "MacGyver" it every month just to run the report which also means that only I can do it.


Michael Gostovich