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Damaged Database

Question asked by RolandGomez on Feb 1, 2016
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     A little help here. I'm out of Houston, but our Dallas branch (for the company that I work for) has a desktop that contains approximately 20 databases (Filemaker 11). Over the last year, one particular database has crashed multiple times (only this one in particular). What I've previously done is

1) recover the database for the sole purposes of retrieving the data.

2) I've exported the information into an excel file (text is the export) and

3) have recreated the DB from scratch.

4) Once ready, I import the information from the excel file (once again text is the import) and things work again...

5) a few months later I get this message.

6) I start the process over again


Can someone shed some light as to why this particular database is giving me hassle? This would have anything to do with the fact that the maps that one can tie into a layout doesn't function appropriately due to Internet Explorer does it??


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

-Roland Gomez