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Go to Related record trouble with a self join relationship?

Question asked by jackien on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by BruceRobertson

Having a bit of trouble getting my script/portal to work.


I’m trying to recreate the way my two portals go to its related record with the Root Word text field.


I’m using the same script on the Sign Family portal and it  works fine. Go to related record when using active modifier key, which is command click.


I set up the Root Word field in a self join relationship, same as I did with the Sign Family relationship for the portal to work correctly.


To make the portals know and show the related records I have the SF number. Each Sign Family has the same SF number, so they all show up in the same portal.


When I click on the Root Word field, instead of it bringing me to that record, it brings me to the first record that displays the root word.


I tried making a test portal to try and recreate the same result as the Sign Family table, but the same thing happens, it goes to the first record where that root word shows up.



On a side note, I also can’t seem to get the script debugger to work correctly if I use command click. But if I have caps lock on it steps through the script debugger.


I attached a portion of the database if you guys need to see what I'm working with and trying to figure out.