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    windows loging problem


      Hi All,


      you all have been such a help with my problems im having I thought I would give you another. I have a solution that is running on filemaker 14 and I have on a filemaker 14 server. this solution works perfectly when users login via filemake pro client and filemaker go in ipads. the problem I have is when user login via webdirect. what happens is the user login using their filemaker credential and then this window pop up almost everything the preform an action. if they typen in the password  the window still pops up the next time the preform an action and the same time continues even if the user clicks cancel. I would like to have it so this window never pops up I am not sure why this is even happening and my IT department is at a loss as well



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          looks like your are not properly set to login to FMS. This is the Window that shows up when you want to login to Windows (Server). In the screen shown above, GTS2K is the domain and 'jeff towle' is the name of a user on the domain (or the FMS login Windows Server mistakenly thinks it' a Windows user).


          My guess is that in trying to connect to FMS, the proper port is not specified.

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            Looks like a permissions problem. That's the screen Windows shows to authenticate you, such as when you're using Remote Desktop. It shouldn't be showing up on a browser page. Like Gilles mentioned, make sure all the proper ports are open (e.g., port 443 for secure browsing). Also, you might want to double-check IIS settings to make sure anonymous authentication is enabled.