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Create Chart Tracking Values in Checkbox List

Question asked by A-Rod on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by beverly

I'm attempting to build a database that will allow me to create a chart showing the frequency of values checked in a checkbox list.


I'm guessing this is pretty straight-forward for those of you with expertise in Filemaker but, as a novice, I'm having difficulty figuring this out and I'd be grateful for any advice. (I've searched the forums, and elsewhere online, and haven't found the answers I'm looking for.)


Basically, my database will be used to track the frequency of values by date. So, on Jan. 1 there are apples and oranges. On Jan. 3, there are oranges and bananas. On Jan. 5, there are only melons. Etc. And once the database is populated, I want to create a chart showing the occurrences/frequency of the values by date.


I've created the checkbox list using values stored in a related table, which I understand to be the best practice. And in browse mode, the checkbox list appears as it should and is intuitive to use. But here are the points of trouble:


1) When I view the data in a table, all the checkbox items are displayed - both those checked and those not checked - rather than only those values that are checked. So, when I'm scanning the data in a table, I have to look for those whose boxes are checked (alongside those whose boxes are not) - rather than just seeing the checked results.


2) As for the chart, I'm baffled. I understand how to sort the results by date in table view, and how to right-click on the checkbox column to prompt the creation of a chart, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to then re-engineer the chart to display the occurrences of the checked values by date.


Thank you for your time.