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Revisiting the 'Back Button,' or 'Browser Navigation'

Question asked by sharton on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by smith7180

Hello all,


I am relatively new to FileMaker, and I'm a big fan. As I have been creating my database, I have some "Go to Layout[Layout...]" buttons, that are currently serving as my "back" buttons during typical navigation throughout the database. Of course, the problem with this is... as the database expands and there are multiple ways to get to 1 layout, what I need is a REAL 'Back Button,' - one that just takes me to where I previously came from. I don't care as much about the 'Forward' button, but I understand that's how standard browser navigation works. I tried simply creating a button performing a single step: "Go to Layout[original layout]," but that doesn't appear to be working.


I have found several threads about the 'Back Button' dated years ago; the issue is that they are all solved by demo files being posted, all in which I cannot open with FM14. Does anyone have a recommendation for the simplest, best 'Back Button' in FM14?


Thanks for the help in advance!