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    Server 14 ODBC/xDBC problems


      I'm hoping somebody out there might be able to help out....


      We just upgraded from Server 11 to Server 14. I've been trying to get one of our databases setup to allow ODBC connections to it. I'm down to a point that it appears that FMServer is not allowing any ODBC connections.


      Under the server admin console, I have Enable ODBC/JDBC checked on. On the status page, the ODBC/JDBC panel is "ON" but the indicator is a Grey Circle rather than a green check.


      The log is showing event 608 "XDBC connections are not allowed."


      Running netstat, there I show nothing using port 2399...


      I'm at a loss, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          A little more data....

          Running  fmsadmin start xdbc gives the following error:

          Error: 10017 (Requested object is disabled)

          If I run the fmxdbc_listener.exe from the command line, then I can make ODBC connections fine.

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            Unresolved same issue here Re: Problem activating my ODBC on FileMaker Server 14


            Did you completely uninstall older FMS?

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              First, previous versions of FMS would only support ODBC connections if you purchsed the advanced version of the server software. This feature is not available (or wasn't as of FM12) with the standard implementation of FMS.


              Second, FMSA 12 had a bug that prevented the fmxdbc lisenter from launching and staying open/receptivie to ODBC calls. I had to add the listener exe to the startup for the Windows server software AND periodically check it. Every script and program I've written to interface with FMSA12 via ODBC controls for this error. Ideally the listener should be a service rather than exe app?


              Third, I'm not 100% sure on FMSA14 but on FMSA12, there are two ODBC drivers- a 32bit driver a 64bit driver. The 64bit driver is the default but FMSA12 did not support that oddly enough. Users had to setup and use the 32bit driver. This may have changed but it's something else to look for.