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Image database query

Question asked by dominich on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by bigtom

Hi there


Long time stalker first time poster.


I am using Filemaker Server 13 and Filemaker Pro 13


I was looking for some advice on creating a filemaker image database that is hosted on the server. The database needs to update automatically.


The image database will be used across the company, potentially 60+ concurrent users.


Basically we will have about 500 images trickling through in various stages in any given month. These will be automatically processed and saved in various locations across the network.


I have a few questions that i would really appreciate some help with


1) Should the images be hosted on the Filemaker Server or elsewhere? (there may be 100GiGs + of data and over 100,000 images)

2) Given that the server can't import folders on a scheduled script, what is the best way to automate image imports into the database. I would like to have no human interaction in this process. Would it be setting up the file with an on timer script/ or using a file as a bot? How would this script work? would i need to create a log of what images have been processed so filemaker knows what to import?


Thanks very much for your time