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    Web viewer - browser-dependent?


      I've developed a 'Help' system which basically shows (YouTube) videos in a web viewer.  I was feeling really pleased with it, but I've now been told that some users, who use a remote desktop, cannot use it 'because they don't have Internet Explorer'.  Is the web viewer dependent on a specific browser?  I thought it was self-contained, but I've obviously misunderstood something.

      Can anyone explain (or guess?) what the problem might be?



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          It's not entirely self-contained. The Web Viewer uses whatever browser is on the machine (typically, IE on Windows and Safari on Mac).


          I'm not aware that not having the default browser installed prevents it from working, though. I believe (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) it will go to whatever the default browser is. You said the user was coming in over RDP. I suspect the issue may be with the hosting server, rather than the client. Sometimes, server admins disable all browsing as a security measure. Is that possible?

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            Dave --


            The WebViewer attaches directly to the expected OS-level 'webkit' for each platform.  In some sense, it isn't using any browser, it is using the HTML rendering engine that is the basis of the browser.  On Windows, that is the IE engine, on Mac, the Safari engine (also shown in the usage logs as 'webkit').


            So, if you are using FileMaker on Windows and managed somehow to remove all of the IE components, then you have broken the WebViewer capability.


            (And can you remove all of IE and still run Windows? I'm more of a Mac person, but didn't MicroSoft get sued about the inherent bundling of IE to the OS and continue to do it anyway?)


            -- Drew Tenenholz

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              Thanks, Drew. That's more complete than my explanation.  

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                Thanks, Mike and Drew, that helps.  I need to get back to the provider of the remote desktop environment - I reckon the solution is probably in their hands.  Meanwhile, I'm adding YouTube URLs to my otherwise nice-looking Help layouts, so that at least the users can cut and paste them to get to the help.