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FM Annoyance #2: Option key to use alternate credentials fails

Question asked by bpanhuyzen on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by KevinSmith

[I love FileMaker, but man, there are some real annoyances you have to put up with, even here in version 14. I'm going to post some of these as they happen, see if others are afflicted by them, find out if there's anything I can do to avoid, rectify, or workaround them, and maybe pressure FileMaker Inc. into fixing them, many of which have persisted since the early days. These are serially numbered, not ordered for priority.]


This may be a specific Mac OS issue – I'm on El Capitan now, but it's happened to me on previous OS generations.


Holding down the Option key while opening a solution fails to deliver the credentials screen. It might be working fine all day, for weeks even, I'm opening files all over the place, holding Option when I open files and entering my developer account name and password, and then it suddenly stops working. Holding Option at file open does nothing – no dialogue is shown, and the file opens with user credentials, which means I can't do any work on it.


Quitting and restarting FileMaker has no effect. Holding Option and performing other OS functions (e.g., duplicating a file on the Desktop), works fine.


The only effective action I've found so far is a complete system restart.


Anyone else experienced this? Anyone figured out a solution that is quicker than a restart? Anyone with an idea of the cause?