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      I use my database for my customers to track products that they purchase, gather feedback, and track their spending trends and I do follow ups.

      Is there a way when I open up a database that I create that it can do these 2 things

      1.  To be able to hit a button that will calculate for ex.  "contact john in 48 hrs"  or "follow up with customers in 2 weeks"  Basically something that will calculate the timeframe

      2.  Allow a message to quickly pop up when I open a database to for ex say. "call john" or "4 contacts need a follow up phone call"  something to that effect.   Basically it will use replace having a hand written calendar


      im running FMP 12 Advance

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          You can create scripts to do the tasks you are looking at.  Then in the File menu,  File Options menu command, you can set the script to run on a script trigger, eg. OnFirstWindowOpen.  Assuming you have calendar events with data, such as a task to Contact John and a date on which John is to be contacted, then your script can run a find over your calendar events to find tasks that have not been actioned and which have the current date etc.  Then your script could display all those calendar events for you.

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            I dont have the triggers for that setup at all.  Is it possible you can either break down how to get those triggers or direct me to a tutorial that shows how to do that?  Im learning how to use FMP.  Theres just so much to know and it can be challenging.

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              Hi again.  I've attached a simple sample file.  It shows a people table and a related events table.  Its got a simple script to find events for today and I've set the script to trigger OnFirstWindowOpen.  Have a look at it and it will give you some ideas on how you can go.  If you are unsure about stuff, search these forums - there's lots of helpful hints.  Another really good resource is the FileMaker Training Series.  It gives lots of examples and gives you exercises you can work through to help consolidate your learning.  The basic chapters are a free download - if you like it and want more you can pay for the advanced chapters:  Database Skills, FileMaker Pro Training | FileMaker

              HTH.  Good luck. 

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                The link I have was a download to

                FileMaker Training Series: Basics


                is that what you wanted me to look at or did you forget to send the file?

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                  Hi - the link was to FTS: Basics.  But the file is also attached:

                  Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.01.42 AM.png

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                    I maybe doing something wrong.  can you see if your attachment works?  It just makes your post a popup when I open it on a Macbook pro. 

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                      I posted it from a PC at work.  I've just tried downloading it on an iMac at home - clicked on the Simple Events Database.zip - it downloaded straight into my downloads.  Double clicked it and it opened in FileMaker.  Not sure why it is not working for you.  Sorry.

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                        Thats how it looks, its just a pic that pops out.  you cant download or extract anything unless im missing something

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                          Now I see what you are doing.  I posted a screenshot of my earlier post showing the link.  You are pressing the screenshot which will just pop up as a picture.  Go back to the earlier post and click the link that is called Simple Events Database.zip

                          In the original post the link does not have a red box around it.