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Two foreign keys to link portal field?

Question asked by sbartell on Feb 3, 2016
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Is it possible to have the contents of a portal field linked by having the data in either of two different foreign keys?



Table"Projects" has a primary key field called "project_number".

Table "Transactions" has a foreign key called "project_number_f"

These two fields are linked to populate a portal view of data from the Transactions table.


There is another field in the Transactions table called "project_code_2" (see image). What we really need to do is say if Projects::project_code equals Transactions::project_code_f  OR equals Transactions::project_code_2, it will populate the data into the portal. I know I can link two foreign keys with an AND in the relationship, but I am more looking for an OR type of situation. (see below).  Any ideas on this? Thanks!