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    Debug a script


      @I have been using FileMaker for several years. In FileMaker 12 advanced and below I could use the debug script and walk through the entire script step by step. When a step had an error I knew exactly where and could fix it. In 14 Advanced when I select Debug script it does nothing. It doesn't open to the script and I have now controls to walk threw each step.


      I'm confused why this doesn't work like it has in the past and what steps do I have to do to be able to view a script and debug it?

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          All the functionality is there but presented in a different way. It took me a bit of time to get use to it too. In the menu bar under tool. select the Script Debugger. In the side panel select the script you want to edit and click on the play button. In the Script Debugger are all the options you had previously to analyze your script. Under the Tool menu is the Data Viewer as well


          As I said it took me awhile and I hated it because the other was so familiar. Now I don't like it when I have to go back. Create a dummy file and play around.

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            In case you need some screen shots a couple are attached.  In terms of process you need to select Script Workspace under the Scripts menu item. This then gives you all the other tools you need. The ability to have favourite script steps to choose from is very handy, the search function to find a script is great, it all does take some getting use to. Have fun exploring!!

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              I followed your instructions and looked at your screen shots, it looks like when I select Script Debugger the Debugger Screen doesn’t open.

              1. In the menu bar under tools I selected the Script Debugger.  Nothing happen except there is a check next to the title.
              2. Sense nothing happen I unchecked Script Debugger and went to Scripts menu and selected Script Workspace so I could view the scripts.
              3. Went back to Script Debugger and selected it again. Still nothing happened and no other screen opened.
              4. I still don’t have a screen that will allow me to step through the script. 


              On a side note, I am on a Windows laptop.  I’m thinking that it may be the difference.

              Windows 7 Professional

              64-bit OS 

              Service Pack 1


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                Steve Wright

                The check shows that its open (or should be), so it may be open 'off screen'


                With the script debugger closed (i.e not ticked) try going to Edit > Preferences > Reset Dialog Sizes / Positions

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                  That worked. Thank you so much that was a huge help.

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                    Looks like your issue is solved. Thanks Steve! It seems to me there are a lot of 'I don't see that on my screen' type issues when others post dialogues and maybe the 'off screen' is one of the first questions to ask since many (not all) have or work with dual monitors. I should have thought of it because I use two but it is such a natural part of my work flow it was 'off screen' so to speak.


                    Hopefully you are getting a handle on using the new workspace format.