Gamification of the community: more missions + badges

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Hello everybody,


(as you may have noticed) I am really enjoying the new community issues and product ideas areas! I find the interaction and exchange of ideas is really working well.


I think however that the community could possibly do with a little more incentive to get people more active + involved in this idea exchange.


1. Missions


What about some more and diverse missions that one could attain => it would be more fun + give users maybe more incentive to interact, and to explore all the features that jive offers: vowing, discussions, posting, commenting, @mentioning, tagging, bookmarking, creating profile, adding skills, endorsements, etc.


For example (off the top of my head):


Missions for voting


  • A mission ‘Voter' for first vote
  • A mission ‘Community citizen’ after 10 votes
  • A mission ‘Community watchdog’ after 50 votes
  • A mission ‘Critique' for first down-vote
  • A mission ‘***' for multiple down-votes (without any up votes)


Missions for Discussion and communication


  • A mission ‘Communicator' for first mention of somebody in a post or comment using (@ notation)
  • A mission ‘Conversationalist’ for for
  • A mission ‘Monologue’ for 5 comments in a row on the same thread.
  • A mission ‘Librarian’ for a frequent bookmarker
  • ‘Classifier’ for using tags


Missions of success


  • Favorite’ (equivalent to the label "Most liked" which appears on some posts)
  • ‘Leader’ when you have N followers
  • ‘Networker’ when you have M connections


Missions for Issues reports + Ideas


  • First issue -> ‘Reporter'
  • Multiple issues -> ’Detective’
  • Having your Issue marked as implemented -> ‘Bug blaster'
  • First idea -> “Inventor"
  • ‘Brainstormer’ for multiple ideas
  • etc.


Missions for engagement


  • Multiple posts/interaction on one day
  • Regular posting on consecutive days
  • Interaction with multiple spaces
  • Missions for linking across spaces


Missions for using the profile area


  • Mission for Uploading an avatar
  • Mission for entering skills in profile
  • Mission for endorsing a users skills
  • ….


The missions, names and ideas need carefully thinking through + planning: Stack exchange is a really good example of using attainments/badges to increase the game-like nature of involvement (see the blog article from Jeff Atwood on The Gamification of stack exchange).


2. Badges


Maybe also some more and varied badges that you can add to you me in three?


For example, I would quite like a badge to indicate that I have lot’s of ideas, with the product ideas bulb in it.


Whaddya think?


lol! :D Living in Germany that was a very unfortunate and rather politically sensitive auto-correction: naturally I meant gamification and not gasification of the community!