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How to add logo to name badge?

Question asked by Okanagan.Mike on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by schamblee

Me again with another newbie question.


I am trying to create a name badge label layout (Avery 5384) for my association that will include the association logo, the person's first and last name, and their position. I can get the names and position to display without a problem, but I am having issues with the logo.


I have two related tables: Executive, which holds the information for each executive member of the association, and EventInfo that contains the Association logo. They are related via a cartesian relationship (how my previous question was solved by the helpful folks here).


When I look at the preview of the layout, I have the name of the picture file displayed rather than the content.


I am not sure how to get the logo to appear.


On a related note, are there any finer layout controls for positioning information on labels? I am used to being able to nudge things around without having to manipulate items by playing with font size to control movement via the enter key.


Thanks for any and all help!