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Server Scheduled Script

Question asked by ninja on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by DavidJondreau

My first time setting up a Server Scheduled Script and I think I'm missing something simple, but banging my head against it all day.


Each day, I want the server to launch a script from within a hosted dbase.

The script checks what day it is, and if Day(Get(CurrentDate) = 1) it purges itself and imports records from another hosted dbase.

Well, it's supposed to...


All is working except the won't import anything.

Error code 100 on every import step "File is missing"

If I open the receiver dbase as a client and manually run the script, it works perfectly.

If I get on the FMserver13 admin console (via Chrome) all of the imports fail with code 100.


Is it External Data Source Syntax?  file:sourceDabse , file:sourceDabse.fp12 , fmnet/{IPaddress}/sourceDbase...all fail

I've tried opening the file with a script step...without it I get error #3 on the first import then 100 for all following


What am I missing that I can run the script as a client without issue, but not schedule it or even "Run Schedule now" and have it run correctly?


No globals, both dbases are on the same server with the same IP address (different dbase names, of course).  Surely it's something simple, but I'm going blind on it...


Thanks for your help and advice!