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    Not Responding


      Using windows Server 14 2008 and 2012, I'm using FMPRO Advanced, randomly my file freezes. Often just opening the task manager fixes this but often the task manager simply says Not Responding for filemaker. About 96% of the time it comes back within a minute. With 2012 it simple show's not "Not Responding" on the window title bar.Has anyone seen this before?

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          It means, typically, that the client or server is very busy. We would need a lot more information to give you any intelligent suggestions, but things to look at include:


          • Server horsepower (RAM, CPU, memory, etc.)
          • Client horsepower (ditto)
          • Network speed (bandwidth, latency)
          • Network quality (faulty network hardware, poor topology)
          • Solution design (narrow vs. wide tables, use of themes instead of drawn objects, etc.)
          • Server statistics (esp. wait time)
          • Use of heavy unstored calculations


          Typically, the behavior you're describing is an indicator that there's a communication issue. The client is trying to load data from the server (either because of user action or because of updates to the cache from the server). But there are potentially many reasons why it might be delayed; I've only given you some of them above.


          Let us know more what your situation is and we can perhaps give you something more specific to look at.