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SubSummary stopped breaking across a page

Question asked by DonClark on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by MacDevGuy

This morning, an almost 5 year old stable solution changed output for some strange reason.  The situation is a cleaning company that prints a report every weekday morning, the same as they have done for almost 5 years.  They either print it or save it as a pdf. 


It prints out each drivers schedule on it's own paper, in a subsummary sorted by the drivers full name and the appointment times. 


Each drivers gets one sheet of paper with his/her schedule on it.  See Attached Subsummary Report.png for a normal printout.


This morning, the report started putting two or more schedules on a page.  See Subsummary Broken.png for the broken report.


There have been no updates made to FileMaker, the server, or the solution, and the client does not have admin access,


I have checked the settings and all are unchanged:


Subsummary still shows sorted by the drivers full name and the appointment times

Page Break before each occurrence is checked

The found set is sorted correctly.

I have tried toggling the page break off and on, and to a different setting.

I have checked and changed page setup and print options. All is OK.  I have changed them back, and still not fixed.

I have changed to subsummary when sorting by first name.  No change.  Switching it back did not fix it.

The server is a Mac running FM Server, on Yosemite.

The clients are running FM Pro 14.0.2. I am using Advanced 14.0.3

This is happening when printed from a Mac or from and iPad.

I have looked around on the web, but not found a similar problem.

Any ideas, anyone?  I appreciate your help.