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Mark record with "absolute" latest modification date and account name

Question asked by JeffJ on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2016 by JeffJ

I am nearly finished with an involved invoicing project and I would like to make it possible for users to know who last modified a record and when. This is very straight forward with fields that record the creation date and account name and the modified date and account name. What is a problem is related records. I currently have two related "line item" type tables that also have created and modified fields with auto enter functions. Even when a change in the related records results in a new calculation in the main table it is not registered as a modification in the main table. To resolve this I have a system in the main table that will display an "absolute" latest modification time by using Max() functions to calculate the latest date amongst the main and two related tables. Two issues remain. When a record in a related table is deleted it is not registered as a current modification but the Max() functions may recalculate to the last date that a line item was added or the main table modified. Secondly, the account name deleting, adding, or modifying a "line item" is not recorded as the last account name to make a change. How can I record in the main table the latest date of any change in any of the involved tables as being the modification date of that invoice, and what account name made such changes? Thanks