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      I've been using FMP 11, which I guess is old, with no problems for years, but all of a sudden with a very short black out in the area - 5 seconds, tops - I've lost all of January's data.  I thought I was secure w/ Backblaze as our back up but apparently not for FMP.


      This is my billing time - actually I should be done by now.  The earliest we can get an expert out here is next week.  I thought I'd check here to see if someone might be able to help me.  I'm tech illiterate, BTW. 





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          Have you ran Recover on the file?   Recover can fix some issues with files.


          Recovering files



          What to do when your file is corrupt | FileMaker

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            I'm at work but I'll try this ASAP. Thank you so much!

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              Hello again,


              No, it didn't help. I sincerely thank you for trying!

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                It is unusual for FM to just lost data, unless file corruption is involved.


                Back Blaze is a cloud service, which I have not used but have used dropbox which is similar.  If you open the file from the synced drive on one computer then open the file from another will end up with conflicted copies of your database, and none will not have the correct data.  Cloud service are nice to use for backups but do not open the file from the synced folder.  Open the database from a local folder then do a save as copy to the cloud drive.   Dropbox adds conflicted copy to the filename with a number depending on the number of conflicted copies.   Log in to your cloud service and look for these type files then download to a local drive, then you should be able to import in to your active live database.

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                  You are a very kind person but you're speaking Greek to me.


                  I don't understand anything you've said.  I'm in way over my head. Thanks again - I'm sure if I knew what you're saying, it would work!


                  Gonna call the geek squad.


                  Much appreciated,