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Confused about how or if I should use lookup in this situation.

Question asked by jcondle on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by S W

First thanks for the help I have receives so far in my quest to  build this database with file maker.

The database I am building deals with pre-hospital med., basically ambulance data.


Many of the fields are coded with integers which correspond to textual ambulance designations like "Medic4".

I want to replace the integers with the text.  My guess would be to do this on import.


In the data file there are ambulance entries basically the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th ambulance to arrive represented by an integer.  The lookup table is a list of integers and with textual name of the ambulance. On most occasions there will be only two ambulances the database allow for four.

import file 5517 entries 492 fields

Field     sample value

rig1d      10496                                  

rig2d      10541

rig3d      19119

rig4d      10556


Lookup File 220 entries 2 fields

ridID     rigName

10496   Eng23

10541   5102

19119   Z503

10556   5112

What I have tried so far.


I have related the rigID field from the lookup table to the four rigID fields in the main database (rig1d,rig2d,rig3d,rig4d).  I have added the ::ridID field to the the layout, but of course it only get the first instance (the rig1d field).  Not sure how to get the others.


On import I have tried to create a text field Rig1 and calculated field but I am confused about how to that.