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Record Locking Error

Question asked by rbickings on Feb 4, 2016
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I am a pastor at a church in Bethlehem, PA and have been working on updating an antiquated DB with FMP 14.  Things have been going well until I implemented a children's check-in module for security reasons, along with emergency procedures, allergy info, and parent location.  Each teacher is given an iPad mini in which to check-in their class, and have access to the above information.  I use 6 different iPads with 6 different user names and passwords.  The class roster is a Class/Grade tab containing two filtered portals, one for checked-in, and one for checked-out, that are related to the main "Individuals" table through unique ID's, and class grade.  The check-in is a radial checkbox for "in" or "out".  When the check box is clicked "in", the child moves from the check-out filtered portal, to the check-in filtered portal, and their ID, and EventID is recorded in a table entitled "Attendance".  Thus, at the end of the day, when all the children are picked up and checked out, attendance for that day can be pulled up in an overview tab which provides a portal into this attendance table for that specific date.  I run that most difficult scripts on the server (our DB is hosted by FMP Hosts), allowing the performance to be excellent, with 6 teachers checking in simultaneously.  However, I cannot figure out why when there is heavy use at check in, the teachers will experience record locking errors, stating that the current record is locked because iPad xyz is using it.  How can that be, each one is working on a separate tab, checking in separate children.  I have investigated, tested, and retested the scripts which work great with one or two people, but locks records with multiple users.  The only possibility I could think of is one subroutine that performs a find in the attendance table before saving the child's credentials so there are no duplicates.  But I believe that find mode will not lock the record.

Sorry so long, but I am desperate to find the answer...any help anyone can give would be great appreciated.



Pastor Dick Bickings