Operator for "Includes" in a calculation

Discussion created by ReynaldoRamirez on Feb 3, 2016
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Hello all!


In my solution, I track student attendance from several sites.  Right now, I am able to filter a portal which will show me all student attendance across all sites based on the event date OR I can filter the portal to only show attendance based on a site that is selected in the Event_Dates table (it corresponds to the site in Student_Information_Attendance, which was copied from the Student Information table when I run a generate attendance script).


The filter is as so:

If (Event_Dates::Filter_by_all  =  "All"; Event_Dates::Date = Student_Attendance_ED::Date;

Event_Dates::Site  =  Student_Information_Attendance::Site)


This has been working great, but now I have a student that is in two sites. This student has two checkboxes checked in Student Information, so when the Site information is copied to Student_Information_Attendance::Site it has two site names with a line break in between.  For instance:




How would I change the filter records calculation to show the attendance record if Student_Information_Attendance::Site includes any of the sites listed in Event_Dates::Site?



Rey Ramirez