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    Video control in Container fileds


      I am using container fields to show a video on each record that poses a question to be answered. Is there a way to have this in the iPad?

      I see the controls in the computer, but it does not shows up in the iPad version suing FileMaker Go.

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          I was able to finally do this by converting the videos to Base64 (There are sites where you can submit the video and it will give you the code back for free). Then create a field where you want the video to show and paste the code into it. Magically it will play the video when you run the FileMaker file. The video shows the player buttons and all I needed.

          The Base64 code is this long "weird" text file. My videos were only 1 to 2 minutes, not sure what happens in very long videos when it reaches the max text allow in a field in FileMaker Pro.



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