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    Different Values for Different Users


      We have a few different flags in one of our solutions that are displaying erratically for one user. They work fine for myself and the rest of our team, this one user however just sees question marks instead of the proper values. Any thoughts on the possible cause and how to resolve?

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          You haven't really given us anything to go on. Post some sample calcs for these flags and it might clear up.


          Usually ? indicates a calculation that can't resolve.


          Without knowing what the calculations for the flags are using, the only advice I can give is find out what's different about that person's account. privilege sets? OS? username? etc..

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            Sorry about that! The calculation I'm specifically looking at is a count of the number of times the name appears in the database [Count(Contacts:Name)+0]. I did not program this calculation, so I do not know the reason behind the +0. Anyways, if the count is greater than 0, that means the contact already exists in the database. This flag is checked in another script when pushing a contact from our CRM program to the database. If the flag is greater than 0, the user is prevented from pushing the contact over again.


            The user in question has the same privilege set, OS and and general setup as the others who are able to view the value properly. We've had some other issues recently with parts of our database being corrupted. I'm hesitant to throw the "C" word around, but do you think that could be a part of the problem? The fact that it worked fine up until a week or so ago and it's only affecting one user makes me nervous.

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              I doubt it's corrupted, more likely the user doesn't have context to: Count(Contacts:Name)  when the calc evaluates. I've seen the +0 added to calcs before to force a number to be returned, but it's a mute point for anything using the Count() function, as that would return it anyways.


              Can the user see a portal of "Contacts" on the layout where the calculation is referenced from?

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                I added a portal and the Name field which is being counted. The user in question is able to view the portal, but not the field within it. No question mark or anything. The other users and I are able to see the field and information within it however.

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                  really sounds like privilege set to me then. Have you tried it on a different computer with the same login?

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                    I was thinking the same thing but I've got the "bad" user and a "good" one pulled up side by side and they have the same privilege set. I'll try a different computer quick and see how that works out.

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                      So when going from CRM to the database, the user was being asked to re-log into the FileMaker database even though it was still open. The user would then cancel out of the login dialog box, thinking it was unnecessary since the database was already up. Logging in with the appropriate credentials when prompted (like all of other users were doing) resolved the issue, everything is displaying as expected.




                      Thanks for all of your help!