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quick product inventory calulation

Question asked by skyrocket1 on Feb 4, 2016


Software Using:  FMP 12 Advanced


What I would like:

2 things

1. I want to use the "follow up" drop down to show when I need to follow up with a customer 24, 48hrs, 7 days, 14days etc.  I have the drop down setup but NOW i need it to be able to Alert Me when that time has passed so that I can follow up with that customer from the time that was set in there. 

It would be great if I can find this out once I open up the app so that I can get those calls done first before doing any other business

The simplest way possible works for me.

(Please be as detailed as possible when explaining please)


2.  I would like for it to be able to auto generate the "Cost" of the Item and the "Profit" based on the amount "Charged" amount.  The Product selected would fill in charged, cost, and profit but I can change the "Charged" amount and it will adjust the totals of the other 2

I realize its a simple calculation but not sure how to implement it.


Product                                                       Cost                    Charged                Profit

hammer                                                   (autogenerate)   (autogenerate)    (autogenerate)


Hammer                                                     $40                         $60                         $20

but if I sold for more it would                     $40                          $80                         $40

let me change the "Charged" amt



What I will settle for:

If everything is too much then ill settle for the Alert Me feature when its time to follow up with a customer